The Arizona Economy 2021

Date and Time
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
5:30pm— 7:00pm
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Chris Kaup
Who's coming
Trevor Young Daniel Pike Lloyd Harrell Mario Flores Priti Parikh Robert Scott and Deborah Kobe Norris Anthony Pratcher James Sirota Ronald Berman Anthony Balduzzi Robert Rimmer Robert Littles James Durgin Dean Scheinert Tamara Rozhon Sameh Assad Francois Daumard Benjamin Craine Amy Flynn Jonathan Lange Harold Robinson Mary Kershaw Christopher Leone Vera Demchenko Werner Bonadurer Kenneth Vogel Nancy Casey John Gamero Greg Guild Christopher Kaup Eunice Li Stephen Groth Wayne Lorgus Divya Goel Amitabh Godha Randi Dorman Raghu Parthasarathy David Chanko Elizabeth Cantwell Scott Depta Craig Doyle Mimi Nguyen
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The Penn & Wharton Club of Arizona is jointly sponsoring this excellent event.

2020 was a turbulent year. Trillions of dollars were pumped into the economy and added to the National Debt. What does the future hold for the Arizona economy? Will the Bubble Burst? Does Inflation loom? Which sectors will rise and which will fall? Hear insights from experts in three fields.  Our club's Executive Vice President, Christopher Kaup, will moderate the following stellar group of participants:

Head Panelist
Lee McPheters
Research Professor of Economics, ASU

Kevin Pearce
President & CEO, Kaldes Financial

Steve Haggard
President & CEO
Metro Phoenix Bank


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