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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
12:00am— 1:00am
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 Join the Alumni Interview Program, and represent Penn to students applying to the University . . .

By participating in the Penn Alumni Interview Program, you have the opportunity to inform undergraduate applicants in your community about Penn, while providing Penn Admissions with better information about prospective students?  Many applicants cite their alumni interview as an essential factor contributing to their decision to attend the University of Pennsylvania.  As a participant in Penn Alumni Regional Clubs you are particularly situated to be effective Penn ambassadors, and we would love to have you join us in this effort to support future Quakers. If you are interested in becoming an alumni interviewer, please register at REGISTER TO BECOME A PENN AMBASSADOR.

For more information, you can reach our AZ club Alumni Interview Program Chairs by e-mailing:
Phoenix Alumni Interview Chair or Tucson Alumni Interview Chair.

Additional information from our Steve Hamilton, Senior Associate Director of the Penn Alumni Interview Program:

The college search and application process can seem a bit overwhelming, stressful, and impersonal to today’s high school seniors.  A personal interview can improve the experience.  Penn asks alumni volunteers to meet with individual applicants for an interview conversation lasting 25-45 minutes.  Students form lasting impressions of the university based on their interactions with our alumni.  We want every applicant to meet an enthused alumnus, with whom they feel comfortable discussing their interests.  Through the conversation, the alumnus may learn about that student’s passions and pursuits, learn about the student’s interest in Penn, and observe how that student thinks, reacts, and communicates.  After the meeting, the interviewer writes some commentary about the student, which the Admissions Office will read during the selection process.

Alumni interviewers must be comfortable discussing the Penn undergraduate experience with prospective students, and they must not have any personal interest in the admissions process as pertains to a specific student, for a particular secondary school, or for another undergraduate institution.


There are two steps to becoming an active interviewer for Penn:

1.  Get a PennKey and password.

2.  Complete a simple registration form.

The following website walks you through these steps:

If you get stalled along the way, please contact the PAIP office at the contact info below.

Penn Alumni Interview Program

[email protected]


Here’s what the Admissions Office website says about the interview process:

You can read more about the interview effort on the Penn Alumni website: