Penn Alumni Interview 36,000 Applicants

A message from the Penn Alumni Interview Program office:


Thank you for helping to make this our most successful interview season ever. With your help, more than 36,000 applicants from more than 150 countries were offered the opportunity to speak with an engaged Penn alumnus. Together, Penn alumni interviewed more prospective students than any other university in history!

Penn Admissions has reviewed tens of thousands of applicant files this month from an extraordinarily competitive applicant pool. While most applicants will ultimately not be admitted, your conversations have given so many students around the world an opportunity to have their voices heard, and to understand Penn a little bit better in the process.

Not only have Admissions Officers repeatedly told us how much they value having your comments as a component of these important discussions, but alumni interviews also have the ability to shape a student’s perception of Penn. Countless times, we've heard admitted students say that their interview played a significant part in their enthusiasm to attend Penn. In fact, admitted students are 30% more likely to choose Penn if they received an alumni interview and a congratulatory phone call from an alumnus.