Grand Opening - Penn Park

Exciting new recreational space to have official opening September 15th

323.jpgIn a letter to the Penn community, University president, Amy Gutmann, shares the following:

"As September ushers in the beginning of a new academic year, I am delighted to share with you the exciting news that our spectacular Penn Park is now officially open. To celebrate this milestone achievement, Chairman David L. Cohen and I are inviting you to join us, and your colleagues from across the University, for a Grand Opening Picnic at Penn Park on September 15, from 5-7:30 pm. The opening weekend will continue with a Field Day of games, prizes, and fun on Saturday, September 17 from 4-6 pm.

Penn Park is the centerpiece of our Penn Connects campus development plan. Through our thoughtful use of land and commitment to excellence in design, Penn is defining what an urban university can and should contribute to its community through urban transformation, sustainable development, and recreational activity.

In the last 22 months we have replaced 14 acres of asphalt with a beautiful landscape; transforming the eastern edge of Penn’s campus, which for nearly a century was an industrial zone. Today, those 14 acres have been reclaimed and reshaped into four athletic fields, 12 tennis courts, and various walks and pathways that will enhance the quality of life at Penn for students, faculty and staff that engage in athletic and recreation pursuits. Several acres of open space, including a picnic grove, can be enjoyed by those looking for a natural respite. Penn Park will further catalyze new and exciting developments as the gateway between West Philadelphia and Center City - two fast-growing and dynamic neighborhoods - is enhanced."

For more information visit PENN PARK.